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Mountain Balsam Fir
Mountain Fraser Fir
Potted Live

Instructions for your
Genuine Potted Live Christmas tree

Indoor Care
- Water in small amounts (1/4 cup) when needed.
- Keep away from any type of heating vents.
Outdoor Care
For best results
- Plant your potted tree immidiately
after your Christmas season.
- Find a well-drained site with plenty of sunlight.
- Dig a hole the size of the pot.
At the bottom put 1/2 inch of peat moss and a sprinkle of bone meal.
Take the tree out of the pot leaving the soil attached to the roots and drop it in the hole.
- Water when needed in small amounts. A Fraser Fir does not like to retain water for long periods of time.
- Use a common fertilizer high in phosphorous for root development.
The conditions vary from one region to another so for best results, consult your nursery-expert.